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Philanthropist of the Year

New York City, NY – Oct 2023

 A Paradise Company™ Inc., a multinational holding company known for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and fostering change, proudly announces its and it's CEO's recognition as the BRONZE GLOBEE® Winner in the category of Business Philanthropist of the Year at the 13th Annual GLOBEE® Business Awards.

The 13th Annual 2023 Globee® Business Awards, a celebration of exemplary performance and innovation across various business sectors, spotlights outstanding achievements. Welcoming participants from startups to established corporations, these awards honor excellence and commitment to making a difference in communities and the world.

CEO, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, has been a relentless advocate for promoting innovation, environmental responsibility, and social progress. Her leadership has created a culture where intentional innovation is at the core of every business decision, furthering the company's mission of creating a better world through its products and services.

In her response to receiving the award, CEO Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux remarked,

“I am honored to accept this award, but it's so much bigger than me. It truly takes a village, and that goes for most things. I have poured over a decade of heart and soul into this company, but I couldn't have done it without those who have supported and cheered me on along the way. I couldn't have done it without a healthy team, who understood the bigger picture. It's not just about doing kind things, but truly making positive impacts that create a healthy chain of other positive impacts. As a Leader, it's my job to set the motion. This includes ensuring the company culture is healthy so we are able to continue our efforts. I was born into an eco that led me to grow up with less than nothing...and now I have everything I could want; I don't take that privilege lightly. I have survived so much. It's only right that I take that power and light up as many dark spaces as I can.”

The Globee Awards present recognition in nine different categories, including the Globee® Awards for American Business, Globee® Business Awards, Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence, Globee® Awards for Cybersecurity, Globee® Awards for Disruptors, Golden Bridge Awards®, Globee® Awards for Information Technology, Globee® Awards for Leadership, and Globee® Awards for Women In Business. These awards celebrate exceptional achievements and contributions across a multitude of industries.

President of Globee Awards, San Madan, praised the winners, stating,

“Our heartfelt congratulations to all the trailblazers who have emerged as winners in the 13th Annual 2023 Globee® Business Awards. Your unwavering commitment to excellence and groundbreaking contributions have raised the bar in your respective industries. The innovation, leadership, and resilience you have showcased exemplify the pinnacle of professional achievement. Your success is a powerful motivator for others, encouraging them to reach new heights. We look forward to witnessing your work’s ongoing positive impact on the global business landscape.”

The judging process, stringent and thorough, involved over 500 global industry professionals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspective to evaluate award submissions. Their dedication to recognizing excellence is a testament to the value of these awards. The comprehensive list of esteemed judges who lent their expertise to this intricate process can be viewed here: Globee Awards Judges.

This prestigious award acknowledges the exceptional contributions of A Paradise Company™ Inc. and its visionary CEO, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, in the realm of philanthropy and socially responsible business practices. A Paradise Company™ Inc. has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to driving positive change in the business world. With a mission to see more women in business and a core focus on sustainability, the company is a driving force for fostering equitable and sustainable practices across its portfolio of businesses. A Paradise Company™ Inc. and Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux thanks the Globee Awards and its Judges and remain committed to creating lasting change through equitable and sustainable practices while striving for a better, more inclusive, and sustainable future.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact A Paradise Company Inc.™ at

A Paradise Company™ Inc.


About the CEO:

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux


A Paradise Company™

best-selling author, entrepreneur, and thought leader.

   Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux, the 2018 Woman of Strength and 2022 Human Rights Activist awards recipient, says,

                                        "Sustainability is the bare minimum."

    As an author, coach, and mental health advocate, she is a passionate advocate for those who have faced adversity and discrimination in life. She has been a philanthropist for more than 15 years, giving back to her community by supporting organizations that provide solutions for poverty alleviation and social justice. Her work as an innovator in business solutions led to the founding ... Learn More

"We need to consistently produce effectively efficient solutions. This world, the communities, it's all of our responsibility. Leaders HAVE to lead."

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About A Paradise Company Inc.

A Paradise Company™ is leading the way with intentionally innovative missions, centering women in business. With our commitment to equality, trust, and respect, A Paradise Company™ helps to create a more sustainable future for all. The core mission is to establish intentionally innovative businesses that promote people, purpose, and progress; That's the Paradise Promise!

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A Paradise Company Inc. and CEO Honored with GLOBEE® Award for Business Philanthropy Excellence .

A Paradise Company™ Inc., a global leader in innovation and sustainability, and CEO Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux earns the Bronze Globee® in the Business Philanthropist of the Year category at the prestigious 13th Annual Globee® Business Awards. Rodriguez-Bordeaux's relentless commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and social progress is a driving force in the company's success. In her profound response, Rodriguez-Bordeaux emphasizes the collective effort and vision that propelled A Paradise Company™ Inc. to this achievement further underscoring the company's leadership and unwavering dedication to driving positive change, fostering equitable practices, and championing sustainability.

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