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Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, a renowned keynote speaker and women's coach, offers motivational speeches and workshops that empower individuals and organizations. With an impressive list of awards and accolades, Paradise is dedicated to helping others amplify their authenticity and achieve personal and professional success. Discover the transformative power of Paradise's expertise in women empowerment, mental health prioritization, professional perseverance, and more.

Inspire, Empower, and Thrive

Are you ready to take the limits off your potential and live a truly empowered life?

As a highly sought-after speaker and coach, Paradise helps ambitious women do just that.

Inspire.Empower. Thrive

For over a decade, Paradise has guided thousands towards inner peace and outer success. Through her keynotes, she inspires audiences to embrace their authentic power and tap into an inner wellspring of resilience.


Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux on I can be both


Paradise's talks and seminars go beyond the conventional. She de-constructs and re-creates solutions that drive success in both your personal and professional life. With her proven strategies, you'll gain the courage to take control and discover the power of resilience.

Empowering  Womenn of Resilience

Stay focused on continual growth without distraction from those glancing back in fear of the future you envision. Let Paradise empower you to channel your power from within, trust your path and rise above the static so your true signal breaks through.


Unapologetically Adjusting Accordingly

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux on women of power


Autism & Ambition

Neurodiversity is ability. Unleash your gifts on your own intuitive terms with tailored support and understanding.


Stop Surviving and Start Living

 tired of living perpetually in "survivor mode" Feeling depleted by the daily struggle just to keep your head above water without a break? Paradise understands this wearying cycle all too well. Through strategic adjustments in her Ecos, she unlocked the secret to thriving beyond. In her motivational keynote, Paradise will equip you with the practical techniques that helped her escape the exhausting trap of constant "survivor mode" once and for all. Learn to regain control of your energy and cultivate presence so trauma no longer holds you back. Own your life! Its time to stop surviving and start living.

Through mindful prioritization, be honest about where you place your energy each day. Say no to distractions and make room for pursuits that fuel your well-being and purpose. When word meets deed, you become more than just a dreamer - your growth becomes tangible. Paradise inspires audiences to take ownership of their potential through conscious choices each moment. Protect time for true priorities, and watch wishes transform into realities.


Power of Prioritization

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux give speech.

Women of Steel Conference

Discover the inspiring stories and experiences of female leaders in male-dominated industries at the Women of Steel Conference.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux give speech.

How to Embrace Being A CEO

Gain valuable insights and tips from successful CEOs on how to embrace and thrive in your role as a leader in this interview by Your Purpose and Business podcast.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux give speech.

Face Forward Summit

Experience a transformative event that empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, unlock their potential, and embrace personal growth at the Face Forward Summit.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux give speech.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Learn practical strategies and advice to overcome self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs, enabling you to break free from your own obstacles and achieve personal success.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux give speech.

Anti Trafficking Press Conference

Join MOUVA NOW in their fight against human trafficking as they hold a press conference to discuss their latest initiatives and efforts to combat this grave issue.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux give speech.

Invisible Wounds

This poignant video sheds light on the hidden struggles of mental health, raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals dealing with mental illness and emphasizing the importance of empathy and support.

Keynotes & Speeches

In a momentous ceremony at the Indian Ridge Country Club on May 12th, Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux, a renowned philanthropist and human rights advocate, was honored with the esteemed Human Rights Activist Award for her unwavering commitment to combating human trafficking. Recognized for her tireless efforts, Paradise's impact in the fight against this global atrocity extends from establishing safe houses in multiple countries to executing daring rescue operations. The award highlights her substantial contributions in providing resources, support, and hope to trafficking survivors. Paradise's dedication to eradicating human trafficking remains a driving force, resonating with her motto: "Embrace All That You Are, Unapologetically."

Renowned Philanthropist Honored with Human Rights Activist Award for Anti-Trafficking Efforts

A Paradise Company Inc. proudly announces that its CEO, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, has been honored with the prestigious "Most Innovative Leadership US 2023" award from Global Business Magazine. This notable accolade celebrates Rodriguez-Bordeaux's outstanding leadership, innovation, and commitment to personal and professional growth. The award underscores her dedication to challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, and driving meaningful change. Rodriguez-Bordeaux shares this achievement with the remarkable team at A Paradise Company Inc. , expressing gratitude to Global Business Magazine for the esteemed honor.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Honored with "Most Innovative Leadership US 2023" Award

In a bold move to empower women in the workforce, Intenovate Inc., in collaboration with visionary leader Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, introduces the 'Beauty, Brains, and Business™' Entrepreneur Grants and Scholarships program. Addressing the challenges faced by aspiring women entrepreneurs and professionals, this initiative provides funding and support for women in traditionally male-dominated fields, fostering gender diversity and leadership in industries such as wine & spirits, hospitality, tech, beauty, and finance. The program focuses on education, leadership coaching, and community building, aiming to break barriers and empower women in high-paying professions. Eligible applicants, committed to positive community impact, are invited to contribute and apply annually.

Empowering Women in Business: Intenovate Inc. and Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Launch 'Beauty, Brains, and Business™' Entrepreneur Grants and Scholarships Program

A Paradise Company™ Inc., a global leader in innovation and sustainability, and CEO Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux earns the Bronze Globee® in the Business Philanthropist of the Year category at the prestigious 13th Annual Globee® Business Awards. Rodriguez-Bordeaux's relentless commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and social progress is a driving force in the company's success. In her profound response, Rodriguez-Bordeaux emphasizes the collective effort and vision that propelled A Paradise Company™ Inc. to this achievement further underscoring the company's leadership and unwavering dedication to driving positive change, fostering equitable practices, and championing sustainability.

A Paradise Company Inc. and CEO Honored with GLOBEE® Award for Business Philanthropy Excellence

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine
Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine
Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine
Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine
Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine
Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine
Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux published by  press and magazine

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