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As a prolific Author, one of my missions in life is to tell stories of all kinds. Take a look through the site to find everything from my latest work to past projects.

Where is Paradise?

Paradise is currently studying at Harvard University.

A new book, semi-related to the "Finding Paradise " series

will be released in 2024.

With her being 1-year cancer-free, Paradise had been considering that it was time to retire from pageants and focus more on her desire to work for DHS in her efforts to help eradicate human trafficking in France and around the world. However, after deciding that it wouldn’t be the right time to relocate nor expand her foundations internationally, Paradise returned to the states then left the south behind, where she earned her 2020 title USA Ambassador – Miss New York. 

 After Covid-19 gravely impacted the world, Paradise went on to earn the title of Miss France.  Shortly after, she learned of the devastating news that the cancer had returned. In true Paradise form, she proceeded with participating in International Finals where she walked away Double Crowned.

 Her current title is Ms. World International Ambassador

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux has received multiple awards, throughout the years, for her outstanding performances, keynotes/ public speaking, and charitable work. She has most recently launched her Léoniea Domaines (formerly Artemis Vines)", where Paradise and her team earned the Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Wines in the U.S. 


Currently, Paradise is working on expanding her Business Development firm "Intenovate Inc." and on the "Beauty, Brains and Business" Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship fund she founded, and is now residing, between, Upper Eastside, Manhattan, New York, and Paris, France.


How far is too far? It's been almost three years since 
the devastating accident.  Three years since she lost everything. 
Having been on the brink of another meltdown, Paradise leaves without
telling anyone what’s going on. She wants to find her relatives, but 
is she truly ready for that? 

She knows there are family secrets, but how far is 
she willing to go to uncover them, and

what happens when she does? 

What about her own secrets?...

       Everyone has a truth that they need to live and share. 
For Paradise, that truth meant 
taking a few risks. 
The story follows an eager yet bewildered Paradise and 
her journey through self-discovery; 
an absorbing, beautiful and tenderly absurd, heart-breaking narrative. 
It is a time of spiritual questioning, risque adventures, heartbreak, 
unrealized love, and vanishing illusions.


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Copy of Pink Woman Photo Glitter & Gold

Due to the many unknown factors around this virus, I have postponed all planned signings and readings until things surrounding this crisis become more clear. As much as I adore all of my darling readers, I would never want to subject anyone to potentially getting ill while trying to attend a reading/signing.


In the mean time, very limited, virtual readings will be available via a private zoom link. A schedule will be posted soon for your time zone <3


I am also accepting bookings for virtual book clubs <3


As always stay healthy,stay daring, stay darling.





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