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"We need to consistently produce effectively efficient solutions. 

This world, the communities, it's all of our responsibility. 

Leaders HAVE to lead."

It's Time to Grow

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux in the community, working.


Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux

Founding Moment

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux

Navigating Challenges

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux

Resilience and Growth

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux

The Harvard Chapter

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux

Empowering Women in Business

CEOs set the tone for the company's culture and direction; make decisions on product, organizational structure, and capital allocation; and fill the other top management roles. The pandemic has both revealed and accelerated a number of trends that will play a substantial role in the shape of the future global economy and what is going to be required from leadership.  Previous research has found that companies with a strong sense of purpose outperform those that lack one. And those who say they live their purpose at work are simply better employees—more loyal, more likely to go the extra mile, and less likely to leave. Purpose helps companies recognize emerging opportunities and connect with their customers. This, too, should therefore be seen as a priority and a source of competitive advantage.

CEO isn't just a "fancy title". The position is, and always should be, one of earned honor. A strong CEO will be a visionary and passionate about seeking new methods to reduce their workload efficiently, while at the same time, trying as much as possible to improve how well they meet and satisfy the demand for their products and services--AND without cutting the legs from under their team members. This all requires strategic leadership 

Prioritize is strategic flexibility in systems, programs, and  hiring.

A CEO's job is to focus on cutting through the noise and prioritize what truly brings results.

Stragetic Flexibility

Take stock and focus on improving your company culture.

From your core values to open lines of communication and feedback to employee development, ask yourself, “where can you improve?”

Improvement of Company Culture

Financial Sustainability is not about taking shortcuts in order to spend less. Part of being sustainable means consciously consuming, Whether it be the software we purchase, choosing refurbished equipment, assessing manufacturing processes, or being an 80% paper-free office, choosing to utilize sustainable methods is the bare minimum.  

Financial Sustainability

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux wins big awardsfor 3 companys

Awards & Recognitions

Building   A  Legacy

At the core of Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux's legacy lies a profound commitment to empowerment, innovation, and lasting impact. Her ventures serve as pillars, not only achieving success in the present but also cultivating excellence for future generations. As a steward of entrepreneurial progress, Paradise navigates each business with a sense of responsibility, leaving behind a landscape where others can thrive.

Her legacy isn't just about immediate triumphs but also about sustainable growth, innovative thinking passed down through generations, and philanthropy etched into the very foundation. It's a narrative woven with threads of empowerment, innovation, and a dedication to leaving an indelible mark on the world.

A Paradise Empire

A Leader should have a plan for...

Global Business Strategiest

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Paradise Releases Children's Book: "My Brain Has Its Own Language"

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Miss Atlanta USA, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Speaks to Inspire Young Students

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Empowering Women in Business

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Luxury Lifestyle Award

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Innovative Leadership Award

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Humanitarian of the Year Award

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Philanthropist of the Year

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Regency Awards

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Wins Award

Woman of Strength

CEO & Leadership

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Paradise Rodriguez-bordeaux Entreprenure

Genesis of Enterprises

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Paradise Rodriguez-bordeaux  Wins business award for leadership

Innovative Ventures

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Paradise Rodriguez-bordeaux  led companies wins globee business awards

Entrepreneurial Mindset

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