"You can sit in the corner and cry
or you can go out and dance in the rain.
Either way, the storm is coming."
- P.R-B.™

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Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux is the founder of the successful campaign "#ICanBeBoth", 

and advises peers on how to create a motivating, balance between personal life and work life.

              Who Is Paradise?

Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux is a French-American  Author, CEO, Humanitarian, and Speaker, who also works as a Fashion Model, Actress, and Dancer. Her work can usually be found online and within luxury magazines throughout America, Europe, and New Zealand. She has walked for various fashion designers, including Kara Verano, Jeff Garner, and Quynh Paris..


She is perhaps best known for her activism work with displaced children. Rodriguez-Bordeaux takes her inspiration from her early childhood and iconic role models like, "Creole Goddess", Josephine Baker, who worked with what was in front of them, refusing to give up on their passions and sought out to make a positive mark on the world. Paradise's work has a sophistication that sets them apart from a typical performer's lifestyle.


With Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Inc.™ and The Catch A Falling Star Foundation™, Paradise combines a determined, forceful aesthetic with a humble philosophy, never compromising her ethical principles or her style credentials.









Growing up without a strong sense of community and heritage, she began her search for relatives in France, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Ireland. She eventually connected with those relatives and is now living between Paris and Manhattan, NYC. In 2014, Paradise suffered from a traumatic brain injury causing her to lose (5) five years of memories. While the memories never returned, she has been doing well in her fight against Ovarian Cancer. Since then, Paradise has earned various awards for her outreach work including the 2018 Woman of Strength Award, launched the global campaign, #ICanBeBoth, went on to become a student at Harvard University (where she plans to earn her MBA, Ph. D in Psychology and LD via the graduate school), debuted her first novel, "Finding Paradise", and has since earned her wine company, Artémis Wines, the Luxury Lifestyle Award.


A quote famously coined by Paradise herself, "You can sit in the corner and cry or you can go out and dance in the rain. Either way, the storm is coming" has been used around the world to uplift and motivate those needing empowerment.


Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux serves on the board of The Artémis Collections (President) and is President/Founder of The Catch A Falling Star Foundation, which to date has given nearly $15 thousand to support diverse causes worldwide including Domestic Violence Survivor, Homeless/Hunger Survivor, and Educational Inequality resources and supplies.



Hello readers!

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I look forward to meeting you all on the upcoming book tour.

- Paradise

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