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Global Business Strategist
Building Your Business to Sustainable Profitability
Philanthropist Empowerment Mentor
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"Trouver" means "to find" in French. How fitting for "Trouver Paradise" to be the title of the next book!

"Trouver Paradise: A Finding Paradise Memoir", coming Summer 2025.


Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux is the founder

of the successful campaign 


empowering all to establish healthy boundaries, and 

bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

Trouver Paradise

Motivating others globally to

"Embrace All That You Are, Unapologetically™" Paradise strives to be a voice for the voiceless and a refuge for those seeking abundance. Author, CEO of A Paradise Company™, and business solutions expert, her "unapologetic" stance serves her platform. An Empowerment Mentor and public Speaker in personal growth, professional development & and entrepreneurship, she created programs to leverage her network, skills, and privileges in order to assist communities in thriving forward.

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordaux awards the Human Rights Award

Unapologetically Driven



Successful Enterprises


Profits Donated

With over a decade of experience at the helm, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux is not only a CEO but a visionary entrepreneur who has founded 14 successful businesses. Her leadership has driven these ventures to remarkable success and ensures that over 30% of profits from every company she owns are redirected to benefit community growth.

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As a Global Business Strategist, Paradise has crafted over 27 impactful business strategies that transcend borders for F-500 companies. Her expertise has left an indelible mark on markets across 51 countries, innovating the business landscape.


Markets and regions impacted by her strategies


Global Business Strategies for F500 companies


Individuals Empowered & Mentored

In her role as an Empowerment Mentor, Paradise has transformed the lives of countless individuals. She's empowered over 650 individuals to achieve their full potential in areas such as personal growth, professional development, and entrepreneurship.

Paradise Rodriguez-bordeaux  empowering women

 "Sustainability is the bare minimum. 

Leaders have to lead."

Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux serves on the board of Beauty, Brains & Business™  (President/Founder) and is President/Founder of The Catch A Falling Star Foundation™, which to date has given over, from each of her companies, 30% of it's profits and over an additional $15 thousand to support diverse causes worldwide including Domestic Violence Survivors, Homelessness/Hunger Survivors, and Educational Inequality resources and supplies.

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Profits donated 


Philanthropic Missions Raised

Passion & Prosperity
author Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux is release another book

Hello, Darlings!

  I am so pleased that you chose to stop by. 

Stop Surviving & Start Living  will begin

pre-orders on Feb 1st, 2025!


I look forward to meeting you all on the upcoming book tour.

                                                 - Paradise

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