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Is She "Acting Black" ?

This morning, the conversation was about the "catch me outside" girl and her cultural appropriation. Many say she's "acting black" ,but that's literally not a thing since there is not only one tone for blackness.

Someone argued that she's trying to act like black women (meaning her being loud, ratchet, and dark skinned) and dress like black women.

So, is me being a Harvard educated, proper speaking (albeit my accent gets in the way at times) , glizty-ballroom/pageant aesthetic being "white"?

Truthfully, my mixed race heritage used to put me on an uncomfortable line of "where do I belong". However, as I grew, I decided that since not all white people are educated and "lady like", then clearly not all black women were uneducated, and ghetto. When we hold on to these toxic stereotypes, we give them power to be true. Some black women are soft. Gentle...and others are dark and heavy metal...and others are country...and others are more into hip hop. Then, there are those of use who enjoy it ALL (don't give me the aux cord haha) We are more than "just". Women of color come in all shades and we enjoy all different things. We don't belong in your boxes. (Same goes for men)

Having a "black card" isn't real and cannot be revoked just because I don't play spades (I like poker), I don't mostly listen to rap (I like classical and jazz which is still our culture) , I don't eat chitlins (just ew) and I prefer champagne over henny.

Being a woman of color is not rooted in stereotypes that white supremacists and our own community labels. A person can be ghetto no matter what their race is; just as a woman can be educated and luxurious no matter their race.

What I don't like is her profiting off those toxic stereotypes while people of color (specifically blacks) are belittled ,put in prison, and/or murdered for the very same behavior that white peers are accepted with.

Moving the conversation from that girl, I want us to focus our attention of uplifting ALL women. I want us to understand that we are unapologetic Goddesses at all ages and in all colors. We are powerful, spiritual, insightful women of strength. You can't cap us with a glass ceiling, we're already rising above it, and lifting the next woman up too. We are unapologetic.

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