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From where I stand, it's clear that women today face an ongoing struggle to be accepted for both their beauty and intelligence.

All too often, we're expected to choose one aspect and discard the other. If we happen to be considered socially attractive, we're often dismissed in professional settings, faced with derogatory remarks like, "Shouldn't you be shopping or fixing your hair?" as if intelligence and beauty can't coexist. On the other hand, if we're intellectually accomplished, people insinuate that we should confine ourselves to a science lab and distance ourselves from the beauty industry. I've personally been confronted with statements implying that wearing a bikini is an insult to other women, suggesting that "real women" don't possess such physical attributes, and that I should abandon makeup and focus solely on a career if I truly want to empower women.

But let me ask you this: Why can't I create a groundbreaking business plan for community revitalization while rocking fabulous heels? Why can't I wear my favorite red lipstick while speaking to young women about my journey of overcoming cancer? Why can't I grace the runways of Fashion Week while pursuing my studies at Harvard?

The answer is simple: I CAN, and I WILL.

I've initiated a powerful campaign where women from around the globe, with their remarkable spirits and stories, come together. Actresses like Lupita Nyong'o, a graduate of Yale University, M.F.A. 2012, and Natalie Portman, a graduate of Harvard University 2003, along with supermodels like Brooke Shields, a Princeton University graduate in 1987, all exemplify the fact that we can embody both beauty and intelligence. I launched this platform in 2014 while soul-searching for my own identity. People insisted that I had to choose between my modeling and business pursuits. It was then that I realized I can be both—and I am both. Since then, I've used social media and The Catch A Falling Star Foundation (as well as other foundations I’ve developed) to empower others.

The impact of this program has been astounding. It’s helped women enhance their self-esteem and feel comfortable embracing both their beauty and intelligence. It's crucial for women to understand that there's nothing wrong with caring about their appearance and how they present themselves to the world. However, it's equally important to encourage them to be more than "just another pretty face." By combining their physical presence with intellectual prowess, they will not only step onto the stage but also remain on it. The transformation I've witnessed in the participants of this program is remarkable—greater strength, happiness, and resistance to negative influences. These women feel that they can truly make a difference in the world while feeling better about themselves.

When we feel empowered, we are more inclined to undertake tasks that improve the lives of others.

By teaching women that they can be both beautiful and intelligent, we are equipping us all with the tools needed to thrive in a world that strives to pigeonhole us into single dimensions. As we break free from these societal norms, women become better equipped to define their own standards of empowerment, ultimately creating a better world for all. When empowered women unite, extraordinary things happen.

My goal is to expand this program as far as it can reach. With a broader audience, I'll be able to connect with women from diverse backgrounds on a deeper level and collaborate with them on this campaign. Through these collaborations, I will have an even greater platform to inspire and empower women worldwide. By making this campaign a trending phenomenon, I aim to challenge the prevailing perception of models, pageant contestants, female scientists, female doctors, Mums, Aunties, Sex-workers, and countless other remarkable women. I will persist in challenging the status quo that tries to confine us to predetermined boxes. I will continue to fight until women in both the fashion and business industries receive equal respect and recognition. I refuse to accept the limitations society imposes on women. I reject the notion that we must conform to predefined boxes. We have the power to transcend expectations and redefine what it means to be a woman of substance. We can embrace our beauty and intelligence, intertwining them harmoniously in every aspect of our lives.

Together, we will shatter the glass ceilings and reshape the narratives that confine us. No longer will we be forced to choose between pursuing our passions and showcasing our intellect. We will boldly step into boardrooms and laboratories, gracing the runways and stages with unwavering confidence. We will prove that our worth is not defined by societal norms but by our multifaceted brilliance.

I am unwavering in my commitment to challenge the status quo. I will continue to push boundaries until the fashion and business industries acknowledge and respect the power and potential of women who can be both beautiful and intelligent. I am resolute in my mission to empower women worldwide, ensuring that they understand their inherent worth and their ability to make a lasting impact.

So join me in this revolution. Let's celebrate the beauty in our minds and bodies, empowering ourselves and inspiring others along the way. Together, we will ignite a transformative wave that sweeps across the globe, reminding women everywhere that they, too, can be both beautiful and intelligent.

This is my rallying cry, my unwavering conviction. It is a declaration of empowerment and a testament to the indomitable spirit of women. This platform is my calling. Why, you may ask?


Thank you to all the powerful women, who have joined the mission <3

Follow the tag #ICanBeBoth to learn more about other phenomenal women, thriving, unapologetically.


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Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux

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