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Consciously Consuming

Using awareness of sustainability issues to inform purchasing decisions and being conscious about your choices as a consumer for your well-being.


What passes through a screen in the blink of an eye can have lasting impacts, especially on the mental and emotional health of the consumer.


Understanding that the tone of the content consumed can influence content output, one can take steps to strive for purposeful, conscious social media consumption. Simply put, garbage in, garbage out. That goes for body and mind. It may be challenging to recognize the contribution of social media to mental fatigue.


Learning, socializing, networking or relationship-building are examples of potential value points. Dictating what content subject matter becomes part of the unique algorithm of an individual’s social media content feeds. Several factors can influence these algorithms.


Mass Media serves many purposes in our lives; to connect, inspire, entertain, escape, educate and inform. To “mindfully” consume media, we need to be intentional about the content we consume and ask ourselves if it will inspire, inform and motivate us toward our goals. A common saying goes, “you are what you eat…” Let’s apply this to the content we consume daily.

Now, this is not to say some shows or movies can’t just be for “fun.”

But what if what we consume (watch or listen to) encourages us to take action in the areas we are passionate about? What if technology wasn’t used merely as an escape tool but rather to further encourage us in our purpose and pursuits? Or at least to serve as a reminder the world is full of individuals with incredible stories to tell. Stories that can contribute and not subtract from our own.

Stay tuned for the discussion and analysis on #ConsciouslyConsuming


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