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The end of an Era...or is it?

The years have not always been kind to me, but they haven’t been entirely tragic. I have loved and lost and experienced enough for 2 lifetimes, yet I am still here. As we approach the end of an era and it can call for a major change. It’s time to stop surviving and start living. I told myself that , moving forward, I would, never again, allow myself to play second fiddle to anything or anyone. I have had everything taken from me and gained it all back threefold, then chosen to walk away from it all. I allowed myself to transcend into an environment that would continue to help me grow.

This meant choosing to no longer chase relationships, friends or otherwise, that weren’t healthy, as well as holding others and myself accountable. Instead, I choose to and embracing my spirit irrevocably. Allowing myself to love all that I am and putting my focus on those who choose to be present without the request and embracing those who would not attempt to take my voice away.

Choosing paradise also meant choosing to not allow depression and pain to rule my world. The release of my novel was so much more than just another accolade under my belt. It was me finally taking a breath and being free from all that I allowed to bound me. I am no longer that girl who wasn’t sure of her worth and power.

Finding yourself is quite feverent. It forces you to look in the mirror and your surroundings, becoming more aware. Awareness forces you to make the hard decisions. It forces you to awaken within your soul and be truthful with yourself. Its tough, but it’s the best decision one could ever make. As time goes on, I will continue to unapologetically grow. Sometimes to thrive, you’ve got to let go. Most importantly, you’ve got to give yourself permission to excel beyond your comfort, fears and other’s perceptions. As I enter this next decade, I look forward to the amazing adventures and lessons I will endure. Those that have been on this journey for a while with me, I thank you. We still have much to explore, but as we know…

“You can sit in the corner and cry or you can go out and dance in the rain.

Either way, the storm is coming.”

Me? I choose to dance…what will your choice be?

(Image credit: James Napier)


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