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Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux Honored with "Most Innovative Leadership US 2023" Award

A Paradise Company Inc. proudly announces that its CEO, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, has been honored with the prestigious "Most Innovative Leadership US 2023" award from Global Business Magazine. This notable accolade celebrates Rodriguez-Bordeaux's outstanding leadership, innovation, and commitment to personal and professional growth. The award underscores her dedication to challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, and driving meaningful change. Rodriguez-Bordeaux shares this achievement with the remarkable team at A Paradise Company Inc., expressing gratitude to Global Business Magazine for the esteemed honor.

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New York City-A Paradise Company Inc. proudly announces that its CEO, 

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, has received the prestigious "Most Innovative Leadership US 2023" award from Global Business Magazine. This remarkable accolade celebrates excellence in leadership, innovation, and commitment to personal and professional growth.

Global Business Magazine is a distinguished publication that provides invaluable insights and daily updates to enhance financial literacy for a global audience. With a strong focus on areas such as banking, technology, finance, exchange markets, and education, the magazine empowers individuals to develop personally and professionally through accessible and relevant information.

The magazine's mission aligns perfectly with A Paradise Company Inc.'s core values.

 Our professional team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence, and  we share the belief that timely, accurate, and insightful information is a catalyst for  individual growth and societal progress.

By receiving the "Most Innovative Leadership US 2023" award, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux and A Paradise Company Inc. is acknowledged for the commitment to innovation and excellence.  This recognition further solidifies our mission to disrupt markets, foster innovation, and  create a lasting positive impact on the business world; beyond the bottom lines.

"Innovation and leadership are the cornerstones of progress. I believe that by challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we can drive meaningful change and shape a better future for all.  I'm deeply honored to receive this award, and I share this achievement with the remarkable team at A Paradise Company Inc. who continuously strive for excellence."

 - Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, CEO of A Paradise Company Inc.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Global Business Magazine for this esteemed honor. 

We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation, leadership, and growth, 

guided by the principles of integrity and excellence.

About A Paradise Company Inc. : 

A Paradise Company Inc. is a visionary venture founded by 

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, dedicated to reshaping the business landscape through innovative strategies and leadership responsibility. For more information about A Paradise Company Inc. and our unwavering commitment to innovation, please visit

Press Contact:

Kayleigh McDougal

A Paradise Company Inc.™

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