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Addressing the Recent Genocide in the Middle East


New York City, NY – Oct 2023

A Paradise Company Inc.™ and our affiliated companies are deeply concerned about the recent turmoil in the Middle East, particularly the recent violence involving Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist organization by multiple countries and organizations, the Israeli Government, and civilian extremist individuals on both sides. We believe it is essential to approach this situation with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to supporting the innocent civilians on both sides.

Humanitarian Focus

Our foremost and unyielding concern is the well-being of innocent civilians ensnared in the maelstrom of the ongoing war. We deeply empathize with the pain and suffering endured by the people caught in the crossfire of the ongoing conflict and stand in solidarity with those enduring hardships. It's essential to remember that these are real individuals—children, families, and communities—facing the consequences of the actions of political leaders. We firmly believe in the value of every life, regardless of their background, and we hope for their safety and a strong turn to peace and stability in the region.

Advocating for Peace

Now is not the time for superficial activism. We are emphatic in our assertion that the path to resolution lies in promoting and supporting peace, diplomacy, and constructive dialogue. We steadfastly believe that only through healthy communication and negotiations and unwavering cooperation among the involved parties can a sustainable solution to this inhumane chaos be found. We challenge all stakeholders to unite in a spirit of understanding and compromise to pave the way to honor the lives that were taken from innocent people.

Political Sensitivity

We advocate for open discussions and educational initiatives to shed light on the intricacies of the situation. By encouraging our employees, affiliates, and partners to engage in informed and respectful dialogues, we endeavor to foster a more profound understanding of the complexities of the trauma innocent civilians are enduring. This knowledge can lead to more thoughtful, nuanced, and empathetic responses; rather than emotionally toxic reactions. Our company, like many others, has team members who are directly and indirectly affected by this senseless storm of chaos. It is important that all companies ensure efforts are being made to support their local team members and their mental health.

Responsible Affiliations

It is imperative that Companies remain unswayed by political bullying or pressure from influential donors. We are resolute in our commitment to maintaining our integrity and standing firm by our values; as should all Companies be. We emphatically state that if an affiliate conducts themselves in a manner inconsistent with our humanitarian principles, we will not hesitate to sever ties with them.” (CEO, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux)

Promoting Unity

It is crucial to emphasize that it is wrong to wish ill on one group for the actions of another. As a company, we advocate for unity and understanding. We reject the idea of collective blame and support the principle that each individual should be judged based on their own actions and character. Hamas does not represent the innocent Palestinians and the Israeli Govt nor local Zionists does not represent the innocent people of Israel. In times of conflict, it is essential to foster a sense of unity among diverse communities and promote dialogue to bridge divides and build a more harmonious future; a future that cannot be achieved while there are genocidal attacks on innocent people.

Taking Action

While thoughts and prayers are a meaningful gesture, they alone are insufficient to meet the immediate needs of those affected by the ongoing war. Therefore, we are committed to taking concrete action to support innocent civilians in both Palestine and Israel. We will continue to actively explore opportunities to provide humanitarian aid via supplies, contribute to peace efforts, and work with organizations that share our commitment. While it is kind for anyone to take action, we must remember that this is not a time to play hero or make it about one’s self. In speaking about the chaos, it’s imperative to only speak and share truthful, verified facts; personal rhetoric and ego have no place in these conversations. The cruel and abusive treatment of innocent people cannot continue to be justified or dismissed. We are humans who should be behaving as humanitarians. It is time for leaders to lead.

We stand in solidarity with the innocent people of Palestine and Israel, with a fervent wish for the safety, well-being, and freedom from violence for all. Our commitment is to see peace, prosperity, and a just resolution to the turmoil prevail, as no one should endure the clutches of genocide and oppression.

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