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Every year, millions of loved ones are sold into

modern-day slavery, and their voices are silenced. Within the Catch A Falling Star Foundation, I established "Unbound" where we work tirelessly to fight against human trafficking and

help those who have been affected by it.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been able to provide assistance to over 4,000 warriors of human trafficking, helping them regain their freedom and find their voice once again.

50 Million

People are currently enslaved worldwide (ILO, 2022;IOM, 2022)


Of trafficking victims are women and girls (,2022)


Warriors have received our support

"Slavery didn't end; It just rebranded itself"

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, Founder of "Unbound"

at the Mouva Now Anti-Trafficking Press Conference

It takes regular people like you and I to stand up and say this will not be tolerated Because it can be us It can be some child next door It doesn't have to be someone famous or someone unknown It could be the person that you are seeing walking past you. In this era today with the technology we have today it's too easy to go by unnoticed.

We have to speak up and we have to step up."

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux,
Founder of Catch A Falling Star Foundation;"Unbound"
Recipient of the Mouva Now "Human Rights Activist" award

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