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Trouver Le Paradise - The Finding Paradise Memoir.


Official Release Spring 2023


How far is too far? It's been almost three years since

the devastating accident. Three years since she lost everything.

Having been on the brink of another meltdown, Paradise leaves without

telling anyone what’s going on. She wants to find her relatives, but

is she truly ready for that?

She knows there are family secrets, but how far is

she willing to go to uncover them, and what happens when she does?

What about her own secrets?...


Everyone has a truth that they need to live and share.

For Paradise, that truth meant taking a few risks.

The story follows an eager yet bewildered Paradise and

her journey through self-discovery;

an absorbing, beautiful and tenderly absurd, heart-breaking narrative.

It is a time of spiritual questioning, risqué adventures, heartbreak,

unrealized love, and vanishing illusions.



#FindingParadise #TrouverParadise #HowFarIsTooFar

Trouver Le Paradise: Memoir (Signed PaperBack)

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