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"Being a titleholder is so much more than wearing a crown and a stunning gown.    It's so, very, important to me to be a queen for the people, encouraging others to

embrace themselves unapologetically.

Taking up space, going forward with your goals, and realizing that you can be BOTH, beautiful and intelligent. As much fun as I have on stage, my favorite part of being a beauty queen is interacting with my community and meeting the little queens and kings who will grow up realizing that they, too, can be all that they desire by having the courage to fight forward. Being within the community and actively working to make it better is a strong passion of mine and it is exactly why I started the

 The Catch A Falling Star Foundation "

What's New: I am 
Ms. World International Ambassador

Ms. Celebrity World International 
#FindingParadise #MsWorldInternationalAmbassador #ParadiseRodriguezBordeaux.jpg
Details of Both Titles

Ms. World International Ambassador is a
prestigious title
earned by the contestant who does the most media-related events, and is the most dedicated to her cause by way of promotion across all platforms.

 Ms.Celebrity World International is 
the prestigious title earned by the decision of the crew. Every year the tv producers, casting directors, camera crew, and project coordinators of the reality show
“Queen of the Crowned”
will vote and choose ONE contestant who they felt added the most value to their overall production and
she will be crowned “Ms. Celebrity World”.
#FindingParadise #MsWorldInternationalAmbassador #ParadiseRodriguezBordeaux.jpg