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Middle Management

Middle managers act as a medium between executive-level management and first-level managers. They often report to higher or executive-level managers who may not personally oversee the specific objectives of each department. They may have teams that report to them or act as a high-level adviser to senior management.

Job titles might include:

  • Senior director

  • Director

  • Associate director

  • Regional manager

  • Adviser

Business Meeting

Here are examples of jobs at this level:

  • Creative Director

National average salary: $75,802 per year

Primary duties: Creative directors oversee the creative processes for publications, products, and advertising. They help drive digital and print branding for a company. They also coordinate with design professionals to ensure that the overall quality and style of a product fit the needs of the organization.

  • Business Systems Analyst

National average salary: $82,519 per year

Primary duties: Business systems analysts advise management on ways to improve their efficiency in all business processes. They coordinate with all managers to make reports and give insights on how to improve the financial workings of a company.

  • Program Director

National average salary: $60,709 per year

Primary duties: A program director is responsible for initiating and setting goals for organizational programs. They oversee the operations and budgets within a specific program, often for an academic institution. They ensure all staff has the necessary credentials to maintain their status in the organization.

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