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The intermediate job level requires experience and often specialized training. The intermediate job level has no supervisory duties but still requires knowledge and a history of work experience within the industry. At this level, the employee requires less supervision and may receive more opportunities to work independently.

Job titles might include:

  • Coordinator

  • Analyst

  • Specialist

Business Meeting

Here are examples of jobs at this level:

National average salary: $65,612 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst identifies important trends that are used to influence business decisions. They monitor data and complete statistical analyses related to business procedures. They condense large amounts of data into easy-to-read reports.

  • Human Resources (HR) Assistant

National average salary: $40,073 per year

Primary duties: An HR assistant provides administrative support to the human resources department of an organization. They assist with the hiring process and may help train new employees. They also maintain files and necessary documentation for a company.

  • Logistics Coordinator

National average salary: $37,924 per year

Primary duties: Logistics coordinators manage purchase orders, review shipping contents and prepare billing. They coordinate with shipping facilities and communicate with customers regarding shipping and purchasing when needed.

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