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First-level Management

First-level management involves supervisory roles for both intermediate and entry-level positions. Those with experience and qualifications, like a four-year degree or trade school certification, fill these roles. First-level management represents middle and senior management to the average worker. They are often the main managerial contact for most employees in a company. They usually help ensure the day-to-day operations of an organization are running smoothly.

Job titles might include:

  • Senior manager

  • Manager

  • Supervisor

  • Project manager

  • Team leader

  • Officer manager

Business Meeting

Here are examples of jobs at this level:

  • Construction Superintendent

National average salary: $80,543 per year

Primary duties: Construction superintendents oversee the work on a building site. They also create cost estimates for construction projects, meet with property owners to discuss progress on a project and order necessary materials. They also oversee the hiring of construction workers for each project. They must keep a log of daily activities for a construction site, too.

  • Marketing Manager

National average salary: $63,026 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager is responsible for creating marketing plans using data collected by the marketing team. They evaluate and coordinate marketing campaigns to reach a specific audience and develop strategies to enhance marketing offerings for a company.

  • Hotel Manager

National average salary: $51,527 per year

Primary duties: The hotel manager oversees the guest experience and maintains the quality of the facility through their hotel staff. They oversee the hiring of all employees and ensure proper adherence to safety and sanitary codes.

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