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Most people who enter the workforce start their careers in entry-level positions. Recent graduates or those starting in a new industry begin in an entry-level position to learn how to perform the duties needed in their chosen field. Entry-level jobs involve routine daily tasks that mid-level managers supervise. At this level, employees gain the skills and experience to be successful in their field.

Job titles might include:

  • Assistant

  • Staff member

  • Representative

  • Associate

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Here are examples of jobs at this level:

  • Personal or Administrative Assistant

National average salary: $28,779 - 42,421 per year

Primary duties: Assistant Performs secretarial work and provides senior managers with day-to-day administrative support. Basic office tasks, such as data entry, answering phones, taking messages, sorting mail, maintaining and updating filing, operating office machines, making travel arrangements, and arranging equipment maintenance and repairs. Planning and preparing for events, such as meetings, conferences, and promotional activities. 


National average salary: $48,460 per year

Primary duties: Customer service representatives respond to customer needs by listening to customer concerns, answering questions, and providing information about products and services. They also handle the documentation that comes with customer interactions such as processing returns and maintaining client records.

  • Sales Representative

National average salary: $64,906 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative is responsible for selling goods or services using sales techniques, communication, and strong customer service skills. They meet with prospective clients to share a sales pitch to sell a product.

National average salary: $41,593 per year

Primary duties: Retail sales associates work in a store to assist customers, organize merchandise, and complete purchase transactions. They use people skills to suggest items and sell goods or services. Sales associates may earn additional compensation through sales commissions.

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