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Data Analyst

New York, NY, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Salary minimum: $70k a year.
A data analyst collects data, organizes and uses it to reach meaningful conclusions. Typically, a data analyst uses computer systems and calculation applications to determine specific factors. They are responsible for digesting the data and creating a report to explain the findings. These resulting reports will help to identify various inefficiencies and other business problems that may exist.


Working as a Data Analyst

A data analyst often works within a team to collect and analyze a variety of data. Their tasks include many of the following:

  • Receive data from relevant resources and tools providing data reports for management.

  • Interpret results using statistical tools and technique.

  • Identify trends and patterns to help boost the business.

  • Provide data reports for management.

  • Communicate and collaborate with other team members, including the marketing team or executives.

  • Create and maintain databases and data systems.


  • AWS

  • Analysis skills

  • Analytics

  • Communication skills

  • Data analysis skills

  • Data analytics

  • Data collection

  • Data management

  • Data mining

  • Data visualization

  • Data warehouse

  • Databases

About the Company

"Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux INC.™ is a French-American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in New York, United States. Motivating others globally to "Embrace All That You Are, Unapologetically™." Paradise is a voice for the voiceless and refuge for those seeking abundance. Author, CEO of The Artemis Collections™ and Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux INC™, and business solutions expert, her "unapologetic" stance serves her platform. An Empowerment Coach & Public Speaker in personal growth, professional development & entrepreneurship, she created the "Beauty, Brains, and Business™" Entrepreneur grant and Scholarship fund."

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