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"I cannot recommend Intenovate™ enough! As a small e-commerce business, I was facing a number of problems that put my company at risk of legal troubles and pretty much killed my ability to effectively manage the business. Intenovate™ provided me with the perfect solution to help me overcome these challenges. I had been searching for books and such for months, but often felt overwhelmed and like some of them were full of repetitive crap. I was nervous to risk wasting more money than I didn't have on more books. After speaking with Paradise, personally, she was able to calm my worries. Her team was with me 100% and didn’t try to oversell me on crap that I didn’t need, like several other companies that I reached out to try. Paradise’s team provided me with a substantial amount of e-books, guides, and checklists, and worked with me to develop an organizational strategy and implement it.

The results have been crazy! I was able to meet all of the compliance requirements and then some. She even helped me make sure my business was on a sustainable path (that woman has checklists for everything!) I was able to see increased conversions and gain a full return on my investment. I feel so lucky to have had these resources and a team patient enough to work with me. As someone who struggles with ADHD and extensive memorization challenges, the checklists and guides have been a lifesaver.

I have even subscribed to receive all of Intenovate™’s e-books and checklists for the future and am delighted to start the process of using their virtual assistant services. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you, Paradise and the Intenovate™ team, for all your help!"

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